The “Magic Socks Movement”: An Easy Way to Plant Trees!
Posted on: July 19, 2019.

Author: Ganesh Khanderao, Maharashtra

Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao is Std. VII student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, who has been working on spreading awareness about the Seed Ball Method for 6 years.

In this article, Ganesh explains about a new and innovative idea of tree plantation—the Magic Socks Movement (MSM), or Green Pouch Movement—using a method known as “Seed Ball Method”, a unique technique for propagating plants/trees from seeds without having to dig up the soil with cultivation tools such as a farmer’s plough.

Socks that can no longer be worn, can be used beautifully, to save the environment. The only criterion here is that the material of the socks should be cotton. Only cotton socks can be used for the Magic Socks Movement. This is because only cotton will decompose and not pollute the atmosphere in any way. However, if you don’t have cotton socks, you can use any thrown-away cotton cloth.

You can also use the seeds of fruits you consume or the seeds of some trees. Each time you consume fruits, collect the seeds, or you can also collect the seeds of trees like Neem, Babul, Jamun, etc. near your house or workplace.

Once you’ve collected the seeds, place the seeds into the cotton socks (or cloth) and fold it. If possible, add some dried cow-dung , soil, or rotten  leaves to the seeds. Now, your “Magic Socks” is ready  for plantation!

Whenever you go on a picnic or a tour or simply for walking, throw these socks into the valleys, either sides of the mountain/hill trail, on plains, or in forests. The socks will stick to the soil and the seeds contained within would definitely germinate after the next rain.

However, on certain occasions where I went to demonstrate the “Seed Ball Method”, I found that soil and cow-dung is not easily available in many places. At such times, you can use just your cotton Magic Socks or a handspan’s length of unused cotton cloth.

MSM will definitely prove to be one of the easiest methods for planting trees.

Please try to do it and share the most. Thank you!

About Ganesh Khanderao

Ganesh goes to schools and colleges, and teaches people how to make seed balls, and explains to them its importance.

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