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Posted on: October 27, 2020.

Learning—and even teaching—math or mathematics is a challenge faced by most teachers, parents, and students, at all academic levels and learning stages of K-12 school education.

When it comes to learning math, mental tension and academic pressure peaks up—especially around exam time—and it is a tough time for learners and learning enablers.

But we have absolutely no reason to worry in this age of digitization, connectivity, and information. Websites like Dad’s Worksheets are here to make math learning as easy, fun, and academically effective as possible.

Timed math drills, the website claims, is the path to mastery. And only through repetition. Its like a physical workout session at the gym—an assortment of sets and repetitions per set.

Mathematics is all about practice—and lots of it. Math cannot be learned by osmosis—neutralizing differences. “Burning up pencils and paper” is only way to learn math. Period.

What is being offered?

“Free math printable worksheets”—from basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to money, place values, and fractions. But this is not any usual fare—the variety of the offering is virtually endless!

And not only WORKSHEETS. You also get CHARTS and CALCULATORS. These are educational calculators that help illustrate how problems are solved, not just provide answers.

And not only PRINTABLES. You also get TOOLS.

The website delivers a growing collection of over 8,000 PDF math worksheets with answer keys—for home, school, or classroom use!

Dad’s Worksheets makes even high school math easier with its range of offerings that cover geometry, measurements, number patterns, word problems, Roman numerals and such.

Math concepts are explained with some great tips—like “Eight Simple Rules for Mastering the Multiplication Table” under the Multiplication Tab. Highly helpful for teaching kids tables and practicing rocket math!

“Math Facts”

After scrutinizing the website, particularly the mention about “Math Facts”, one would understand that a fair bit of repetition and memorization is required to learn Math Facts—the fundamentals of learning math.

Instead of using flash cards, games, or plain old worksheets, using a progression of worksheets—starting with very simple facts—is often the best way to get organized. This is what Dad’s Worksheets precisely is.

How do I get started with the website?

There’s a “Math Worksheets” menu to the right. Look for it, and then navigate down to the material you need. Print it out, and start performing some tests using the timer.

There’s no need to Sign-Up/Sign-In. No email-ids need to be provided. Just click and print and teach—plain and simple! And no hidden fees, charges, upsells… It’s all math worksheets and practice!

How does it make math so easy to manage?

For students to advance through newer and more difficult math facts, it is essential that they “pass” each worksheet as they advance.

We understand that a teacher with a room full of grade school kids all at different levels would find it practically overwhelming to keep track of individual student progress.

Being organized is often a lot more work than it seems, even if you’re a home school parent with just a handful of students.

But Dad’s Worksheets make it really simple, quick, easy, and convenient for you—look for “Worksheet Connect” at the immediate left side of the webpage.

It is a web application that will let you enter a list of students, and then choose a pre-defined list of math facts worksheets.

This is a handy way to track the daily performance of students—

  • which worksheets each student has completed
  • how well they’re doing,
  • how many times they had to take a worksheet to pass
  • how long each level took

Furthermore, and best of all, links to the exact math facts worksheet each student needs to practice on a daily or weekly basis can be scheduled with email reminders!

A Quick Tip for Home Schoolers!—Sign up as a ‘Teacher’ when you go through the registration process, if you’re teaching kids, else the system will think you just want reminders from another educator conducting a class!

Rounding Up…

DadsWorksheets.Com is one of the Internet’s top ranked sources of free math learning materials since 2008, helping tens of millions of visitors—including thousands of schoolteachers!—looking to raise the math competencies of their kids.

The website was created by a dad to teach mathematics for his four own daughters. It did wonders in helping his daughters succeed, and Dad—Mr. James Scheller—hopes it does the same for your children too!

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