Quiz on the Multiple Intelligences
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Each person has a unique knowledge, skill, or ability.
‘Get Smart’, with our “Quiz on the Multiple Intelligences”.

Persons who possess __________ intelligence are good at visualizing things, and are often good with directions—as well as maps, charts, videos, and pictures.





Persons who possess __________ intelligence are good at using words—both while writing and speaking— and are typically excellent at writing stories, memorizing information, and reading.





A scientist, mathematician, computer programmer, engineer, or accountant, typically possesses __________ intelligence, and is good at critical reasoning, pattern recognition, logical analysis of problems, and conceptual thinking about numbers, relationships, and patterns.





Persons who possess __________ intelligence are good at body movement, performing actions, and physical control, and tend to have excellent hand-eye coordination and dexterity, typical of dancers, builders, sculptors, and actors.





Persons who possess __________ intelligence are good with rhythms, sounds, and acoustics, and knowledgeable in sound structure, synthesis, symphonic composition, and instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, or flute.





A psychologist, philosopher, counselor, salesperson, or politician typically possesses __________ intelligence, and is good at understanding and interacting with other people, and assessing the emotions, motivations, desires, and intentions of persons around them.





Persons who possess __________ intelligence are acutely aware of their own personal strengths, emotional states, feelings, and motivations, indulge in self-analysis and reflection, and also enjoy daydreaming.





A biologist, conservationist, gardener, or farmer typically possess __________ intelligence, and identifies with nature, nurtures life, explores the environment, learns about other species, and is highly aware of even subtle changes to his or her environment.





Comments (2)


    Reeta says:

    It is very good and interesting quiz

    Chandrashekar says:

    i like this quiz

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