Quiz on the Types of Energy
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Remember having studied about “Energy” in school Physics?
‘Boost’ yourself with our “Quiz on the Types of Energy”.

Which of the following are naturally-occurring elemental sources of energy?





Which of the following natural sources of energy can also be generated artificially?





Which of the following is a typical—and fundamental—example of human-generated light energy, combining the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Alva Edison?





Which of the following is a typical example for conversion of chemical energy?





Using a ball-peen hammer to drive a nail into a surface is a typical example of what type of energy output?





Burning fuel, digestion of food inside the body, baking in an oven, and an electric heater are all typical examples of what type of energy output?





Correctly match the following—
1. Hydro Energy a. Energy in an object by virtue of its position
2. Wind Energy b. Waterwheel, Water-turbine, Steam Engine
3. Nuclear Energy c. Energy in an object by virtue of its motion
4. Kinetic Energy d. Windmill, Wind Wane, Anemometer
5. Potential Energy e. Fission and Fusion





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