Virtual Vacations: Cyprus Island, Europe
Posted on: December 20, 2020.

Where is the island of Cyprus located?

Cyprus is an independent island country—officially known as the Republic of Cyprus—located in the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Egypt. Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus.

Other countries nearest to Cyprus are the Middle East countries Lebanon, Israel, and Syria, and the European countries Greece and Turkey.

What is unique about Cyprus?

Cyprus is the first country in the world to include its map on its flag.

Nicosia is the only capital in world divided between two countries, the Independent Republic of Cyprus—or the “Greek Cyprus”, the Southern part—and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

A whole town in Cyprus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Paphos is the name of that town.

Nowhere else in the world can the Cyprus Mouflon—a rare variety of sheep found only in Cyprus—be seen, introduced to the island by a wild Asian sheep brought by prehistoric Cypriots around 9000-8000 BC.

140 species of flowering plants can be seen only in Cyprus and nowhere else in the world!

The glistering waters and fine golden sands of Fig Tree Bay in Cyprus—one of the best Blue Flag beaches in Europe—have been declared the cleanest in entire Europe.

What is interesting about Cyprus?

In 333 BC, Alexander the Great seized Cyprus from the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Persians. In modern history, Cyprus eventually gained independence in 1960, after being ruled by the British for 82 years.

The only time when an English Royal Wedding—between King Richard and Queen Joanna—was hosted in a venue outside Britain, happened in Cyprus in 1191 AD.

The shape of Cyprus closely resembles that of a cigar pipe. Today, Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is divided into two parts—the North and the South.

“Commandaria”, the world’s oldest wine label dating back 5,000 years belongs to Cyprus.

Despite being an island nation, Cypriots—the citizens of Cyprus—do not like fishing and they do not fish!

The culture, tradition, and specialties of Cyprus

Limassol is Cyprus island’s second largest urban area after its capital Nicosia. Around mid-February through the first week of March, Limassol hosts the liveliest event in Cyprus—the Limassol Carnival.

Food, wine, cultural dances, and drama—the festivities entails a series of celebrations. Visitors come from all corners of the world, claiming that the carnival makes them laugh with their hearts and forget their troubles.

The most popular folk dance in Cyprus is “the Syrtos”. One of Cyprus island’s fantastic culinary specialties—widely regarded as a traditional Cypriot dish—is the halloumi or “Wonder Cheese”.

A mixture of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavors, halloumi is served fried, grilled, or cold—and it hardly melts. A vegetarian option is available as well, though it is served with ham (“Lountza”).

The weather in Cyprus

Cyprus receives abundant sunshineit is sunny for more than 300 days a year! The days from end of October to April witness an average of 40 days of rainfall. January and February are the coldest months.

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