Educational Content on Tablet Phones: Real Help to Children?
Posted on: September 9, 2021.

This article is based on a submission made by one of our Community Speak contributors—Mrs. Priya—from Chennai.

Mrs. Priya had visited an educational fair with her then nine-year-old son when someone had approached them with a  handheld Tablet PC and begun a conversation.

He had explained to her how her son could learn his school subjects with the educational content on the Tablet PC, and how she could stop sending him for tuitions and thereby save that money.

Subsequently, he had given her son the handheld device and had showed him—using an animation running on the Tablet PC—how he could learn new English words.

However, the first thing that her son had asked the salesman was whether he could play games on the Tablet PC—much to the salesman’s alarm and disappointment.

Cleverly, he had retrieved his device and begun addressing Mrs. Priya on all the features of the device and how it would be a highly useful educative aid—with proper parental guidance and supervision.

Initially, it had succeeded in impressing Mrs. Priya who wasn’t yet any sure if she actually wanted to buy one. When she enquired the price of the device, the salesman had said that it cost Rs. 14,000.

It had left Mrs. Priya wondering about a lot of things…

…Does a Tablet PC loaded with educational content really help the child learn subjects better and faster?

…Had anyone else already bought the handheld device?

…If someone had, could they share their experience of the purchase with her?

She had expressed her love to hear from other parents … and following are the views, opinions, and suggestions shared by a few other parents in response to Mrs. Priya’s article…

One parent feels that learning can also be made fun with the aid of educational games like crosswords and puzzles, but it is imperative that all other ‘games’ be uninstalled from any handheld digital educational aid.

That said, learning with the help of gadgets will enable kids to learn very quickly and also have fun in the process. Rhymes, numbers, colors, shapes and alphabets…

…can very easily and quickly be taught to children using such handheld, educational-content-enabled Tablet PCs. Installing new apps, would also help the child explore new options and different ways of learning.

However, kids must not be allowed to spend too much time on it—something for parents to make sure of. Half-an-hour to one hour a day shouldn’t harm their eyes.

Yet another parents feels that we should seriously involve our child—right from the nursery standards—in athletics, which should be a treated and taught as a regular subject.

Only then will it be a part of our sporting culture, and also fetch significant results in the Olympics, after a decade of focused, goal-oriented training.

Yet another parent feels it a pleasure to share views in this regard, and informs that he himself observed that prolonged exposure to illuminated screens leads to eye stress, and at nighttime, disturbs sleep.

Initially, though, his son was very much inclined to games but not so continuously, yet does not prefer using the handheld Tablet PC for educational purposes. The parents feels that limited usage would help, but should be experimented with caution.

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