Fruits: The “Juice” of Choc-a-Bloc Health!
Posted on: June 13, 2021.

As one travels through the city, what is it that is hard to miss, for it is found in abundance, everywhere along the way? Nature’s irresistible, bountiful gift to mankind? A feast for your eyes!

Dazzling fresh and natural! Yah! You guessed it right. Let us make the answer short and poetic!—

“Fruits, fruits, fruits, galore,

Buy me, Buy me, they implore!”

Surprisingly, even during off-season times, you can find all varieties of them, even brought to our own doorsteps through the street hawkers and peddlers.

Isolated from the busy bazaars, fruits are sold ubiquitously, right from the exclusive shopping malls to the big open fruit stalls, and along the sidewalks.

Healthy living needs a lot of goodness—and that fruits carry them all is a commonly known fact. However, while including fruits in our daily diets, we need to know a few lesser-known facts.

FACT No. 1—

Fruits should be consumed before a meal and not after, according to nutrition and diet expert Ekta Tandon. This is because, fruits detoxify your system, only when consumed on an empty stomach.

However, what happens if fruit is eaten with two slices of bread? The entire process of digestion is spoilt when food in the stomach and the digestive juices mixes with ingested fruit.

When fruit is eaten on a full stomach, it produces gas, making the abdomen bloat, as it interferes with and disturbs the digestive process of food in the stomach.

Instead of consuming preserved or processed fruit, drinking freshly-prepared fruit juice is always better. Factually, fruit juices should not be heated up before drinking and fruits lose their nutrients when cooked.

FACT No. 2—

In small sips is how fruit juice is best consumed. Before swallowing, saliva should be allowed to mix with each sip of juice.

Beauty, health, happiness, longevity, energy, and normal weight—the right way of eating fruits offers the consumer with the secrets of mastering these.

FACT No. 3—

The body is cleansed by only three days of fasting, while consuming only fruit! Consequently, the skin acquires a radiant glow from just three days of fasting on only fruit and fruit juices!

FACT No. 4—

Fruits—supplemented by vegetables—has infinite health and wellness benefits, and commonly—

  • Regulates blood pressure at healthy levels
  • Lowers risk of eye and digestive problems
  • Reduces risk of heart diseases, stroke, and probably some cancers
  • Has a mellowing effect on blood sugar and keeps appetite in check

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