Health Benefits of Toor Dal
Posted on: February 7, 2021.

A little background information before getting into the topic…

Following are the 10 health benefits of 10 different nutrients in Toor Dal…!

Potassium—A mineral of critical significance

Along with another mineral, Sodium, Potassium regulates the water and acid-base balance of the body. The regular contractions of the heart—that is, steady heartbeat rate—relies on the body’s potassium balance.

The electrolyte balance of potassium is also essential for a healthy nervous system.

Magnesium—Immunity Booster

Toor Dal—being a rich source of the vital mineral, magnesium—helps in building immunity. More than 300 biochemical reactions in the body involve a role played by magnesium to carry out normal bodily functions.

Complex Carbohydrates—Combats Diabetes

Toor Dal—which has a glycemic index as low as 29—is best suited for diabetic patients. Complex carbohydrates are a major form of energy of which Toor Dal is an excellent source.

Energy for the body is provided by the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. Complex carbohydrates, especially, are of immense virtue to diabetology, releasing themselves into the blood stream slowly.

Consequently, the slow release of glucose into the blood stream avoids an abrupt spike in the blood sugar levels of the body and prevents rapid fluctuations in the body’s blood sugar levels.

A diabetic person can take 30 grams of cooked Toor Dal for each meal, to suit the condition of diabetes.

Phosphorus—For a Healthy Heart and Strong Bones

Along with potassium and magnesium, the body incorporates phosphorus for maintaining normal heartbeat, and also regulates rhythmic heart rate at 72 beats a minute, and blood pressure reading 120/80.

As a rich source of phosphorus, Toor Dal is essential for maintaining healthy bones and the formation of strong teeth, both of which requires phosphorus which promotes calcium re-absorption from the blood.

B-Complex Vitamins—Enhances Metabolism

When added to a thick lentil broth of fenugreek, Toor Dal bring to the plate the goodness of B-Complex vitamins which helps convert nutrients in the meal to energy thereby essential for metabolism.

“Riboflavin” is an effective anti-oxidant—protecting tissues from oxidative stress damage by scavenging free radicals in the biological system—while another B-Complex vitamin “Niacin” protects skin from sun damage.

Fibre—Relieves Constipation

Toor Dal—when used along with the green leafy vegetable “spinach” in culinary preparations—brings to plate an excellent source of combined fibre. Gastric problems like constipation is thus prevented or relieved.

Folic Acid—Promotes Fetal Development

Truly blessed are pregnant woman who include Toor Dal in their diet for it is an excellent source of folic acid that eliminates birth defects of the neural tube—such as the condition known as “Spina Bifida”.

Dietary Fibre—For Healthy Weight Loss

Toor Dal is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and high in fibre which satiates hunger easily and prevents food craving and unhealthy “confused” hunger.

It is the urge to eat between meals. Dietary fibre also eliminates cholesterol by binding to it and purging it from the body. Cooking Toor Dal with garlic does the trick for you.

Vegetarian Protein—Paradise of Good Health

Toor Dal, in combination with any cereal food, provides the body with all the protein that it could ever need to build strong muscles and restore strength to the body. Only cooked Toor Dal will provide you this.

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