Interesting Quiz on the Olmecs
Posted on: November 18, 2021.

They are easily recognized by their “Colossal Heads” monument!
‘Head’ further, with our Interesting Quiz on the Olmecs.
The word __________ is pedantically derived from the Nahuatl—language of the Aztec—word “Olmecatl”, which means "inhabitant of the rubber country".





The Olmec Civilization is an "archaeological culture", or a particular society represented by a collection of __________ excavated by archaeologists, rather than written historical records.





The Olmecs were the first major "pre-Colombian" civilization in that part of the ancient world named __________, which is today known as Central America.





While there is no definitive record of the start and end of the Olmec Civilization, they are believed to have existed from __________ BC to __________ BC.





The modern-day Mexican states of __________ and __________ located along the Gulf Coast of Mexico was where the settlements of the Olmecs were once situated.





Olmec Art was __________, distinctive, and unified, crafted using a variety of materials—jade, clay, basalt, and green-colored minerals—appearing naturalistic, fantastic, and anthropomorphic—creatures of human form—featuring down-turned mouths and cleft heads.





"Colossal __________", a 900-BC collection of 17 volcanic basalt rock sculptures of mighty Olmec rulers—fleshy cheeks, flat noses, thick lips, slightly-crossed eyes, and a unique headdress—each weighing 24 tons, are the most distinctive, eccentric, and world-famous monuments of Olmec art and culture.





While it is unclear as to what led to the sharp decline of the Olmec Civilization—between 400–350 BC—archaeologists speculate depopulation due to __________ changes, specifically water supply deterioration by silting-up of rivers.





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