Positives of Bedtime with Kids! – Part 2
Posted on: November 26, 2021.


There is much insecurity, reveals the parent, in the husband-wife relationship in Western countries, and consequently therefore with their children. Divorce causes many teenagers to grow separated from parents.

Comparatively, the Indian society has given children a much better luck—the facility of emotional support during times of personal need—in the form of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings.

This parent honestly believes that “The world is a great mirror. It reflects [back to you] what you are. The world is what you are”, and that parents must—at least for the sake of children—maintain their relationships.

It is from parents that the ways and means of bonding and relationship is learnt by children—and another resource to establish parental love and affection is further encouraged by bedtimes with children.

“Independence” and “Bonding” are two different things, and most parents love their kids to be independent like their Western counterparts, but not at the cost of leaving them on their own, mentioned another parent.

Her five-year-old daughter shares most of her individual thoughts and experiences with her parents during bedtime, and they use this time to guide her on the do’s and don’ts for her age.

Parental guidance, support, and help should be readily available to kids who should be encouraged to always come to us for guidance in the right direction, as they are so tender.

Another parent’s critically significant viewpoint revealed the practical truth that kids, on their own, claim their independence at the right age, wanting to be independent in all their decisions.

She reminisces those days when her kids were younger children, and sleeping in bed together with her baby daughter—then two-and-a-half years old—gave her great happiness.

Her feelings reveal the positive, significant parental emotions of bedtime with kids. She misses the bedtime stories she’d narrate to her daughter, and they’d enjoy together—“although we cannot go back to those days again, those joyful experiences can never be missed for any reason”.

Finally, another father had an identical experience with his two young kids—aged 10 and 3 years—who weren’t unhappy sleeping in their respective, separate beds, while they lived in the United Kingdom.

Appreciatively, the father would lie down beside his kids on bed, reading stories to them, and pretending to be sleeping beside them, and after both kids had slept, he move to his bedroom.

When they eventually returned to India, nothing about this changed however, although the circumstances were different. Now, be it for listening to stories or small talk…

…the father and his kids still share the same bed, and spend a really nice time together during bedtimes. The father reveals cuddling with his children on bed while going to sleep to be “a ‘WOW’ feeling”.

It gives him a great sense of comfort though he isn’t sure if the kids look at it the same way, but thinks it makes the children feel secure and independent.

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