Quiz on Religious Symbols – Part 3: Islam
Posted on: October 17, 2021.

Author: Prabhukrishna M, Content Creator/Chief Editor, Yokibu Editorial

There is one faith that does not advocate religious symbology.
‘Get enlightened’, with our Islamic Religious Symbols quiz.

Not surprisingly—to the initiated—Islam does not advocate the use of __________ and __________ for religious symbology—a practice prohibited by the early authorities of Islam.





The were no visual symbols on Islamic coins; instead they were covered in __________.





Symbolism—finding its way into Islam, despite prohibitions—heralds the color __________, interpreted from the verse “those who inhabit paradise will wear fine silk garments of green” in Surah 18:31 of the Quran.





The color of binding covers for Qurans, decorations in mosques, coverings of Sufi saints' graves, and that of figures featured in the flags of many Muslim countries, is all __________.





__________ is the color—also the universal symbol for peace and purity—to wear for Friday prayers, while __________ symbolizes modesty in Islam—but is the symbol for mourning in many cultures worldwide.





Green, Black, White, and Red are the dominant colors found in the flags of most __________ countries.





The __________ is the most prominent symbol in Islam—featured at the top of Muslim mosques and on the national flags of Islamic nations—such as Turkey and Pakistan, though—in a case of "cultural diffusion"—many historians claim that it is not of Islamic origins, but of the Ottoman Empire!





While the __________ is a Shi'ite symbol associated with Imam Ali, who is said to have fought for Islam with it, the "Rub el Hizb"—in Arabic calligraphy—is __________ with a circle at its center—formed of two squares overlapping at their centers, one turned at 90 degrees—and appears in the Quran to mark chapter endings.





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