The Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly … Review by Yokibu Editorial
Posted on: September 30, 2021.

Author: Prabhukrishna M, Content Creator/Chief Editor, Yokibu Editorial

The Six Sacred Stones is a sequel to internationally bestselling author of action Matthew Reilly’s The Seven Ancient Wonders. Reilly’s previous New York Times bestsellers include Temple, Ice Station, and Area 7.

This book is the second installment to feature super-soldier Jack West Jr., and his team of small nations, in their quest to save the world from annihilation by a bizarre yet seriously deadly astronomical event…

…the “Coming of Ra’s Destroyer”, or the “Dark Sun”—a deadly field of negative energy that will annihilate all living organisms on Earth when it comes in contact with the planet.

From a remote location in Australia, and the Three Gorges Region in China, to the Burj Khalifa in the Arab Emirate of Dubai, and thence to Salisbury in England, Abu Simbel in Egypt…

…and ultimately Table Mountain in South Africa’s Cape Town, Jack West Jr. leads his team on an international mission involving the “Six Ramesean Stones”—

  1. The Philosopher’s Stone
  2. The Altar Stone of Stonehenge
  3. The Killing Stone of the Maya
  4. The Seeing Stone of Delphi
  5. The Twin Tablets of Thutmose
  6. The Basin of Rameses II

—to “cleanse” the Six Pillars—six legendary, oblong, uncut diamonds, each the size of a house brick!—each possessed by an influential lineage—including a cannibalistic, African forest tribe!—for a reward:

The First Pillar          Knowledge

The Second Pillar     Heat

The Third Pillar        Sight

The Fourth Pillar      Life

The Fifth Pillar          Death

The Sixth Pillar         Power

The Six Pillars are to be ritually “cleansed” and placed in the six vertices of “The Machine”—one by one on six specific astronomical dates—in their respective locations around the Earth…

…and the country that places a pillar receives the respective reward, for which an alliance of superpowers—The United States, Saudi Arabia, and China—competes with Jack West Jr. and his coalition of small nations.

Japan intends to thwart the efforts of the Americans in placing the Second Pillar, after the first is successfully placed by West & Co. They have ten days before the first deadline to place the first two cleansed pillars.

Subsequently—after a gap of three months—the four remaining pillars must be located, acquired, and cleansed before their respective deadlines…

…and placed in the four awaiting vertices of “The Machine”, one-by-one on their respective astronomical dates, eventually completing the assembly.

“The Machine”—once fully operational—will counteract the cataclysmic effects of the Dark Sun, neutralizing its deadly energy field, and protecting life on Earth from annihilation.

Perhaps the most thrilling episode in Reilly’s The Six Sacred Stones is the encounter with the Neetha—a deadly tribe of cannibals living in their secretive realm in the tropical jungles of the Congo rainforests.

For amazement, there’s the decoding of the ” Word of Thoth”, handwritten notes with schematic sketches and hints, ancient rituals involving the Firestone, the Philosopher’s Stone, and cleansing of diamond pillars…

…chases and battles, the discovery of the First Vertex of “The Machine”, spectacular caverns underground and underwater, and placing the cleansed First Pillar and subsequent visually amazing ancient phenomena.

Every page in Matthew Reilly’s The Six Sacred Stones is a turner, every episode is a cliffhanger, the action is relentless, the locations are spectacular, the characters are interesting, the narrative is pleasant…

…the plot twists are dramatic yet sustainable, the sequencing of chapters is gripping, and, on the whole, the book is simply un-put-down-able. The Six Sacred Stones is seriously the book to read for this winter vacation.

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