Who is a Successful Person?
Posted on: July 24, 2021.

Success is not something that can be explained in a few words or even a sentence—it entails many things, and not limited to only wealth and fame, or even personal happiness.

Arguably, there isn’t a “one size fits all” explanation for success—each individual has his/her own personal views and opinions on success based on experience and know-how.

Subsequently, this article presents to the reader, not the numerous definitions of success, but its various dimensions that culminate in “holistic success”.

This article believes that at least a few of the following dimensions of success would find resonance with each reader, aware that not all readers would resonate with all that is said.

Success is what each individual defines for himself/herself in life—this article hopes only to provide the inspiration to help each individual reader form his/her own.

Doing one’s best—Not everything a person does leads to big results, but in all aspects, achieving success entails giving your best try. One must source pride from the efforts made in having done one’s best!

Setting Concrete Goals—Embark on a journey with a destination in mind, or at least in the right direction, lest one wanders about aimlessly. Success comes not from abstract goals, but setting concrete, realistic ones.

One need not, ultimately, have to arrive at the targeted destination, but knowing where one is headed is success in itself.

Having a place to call “Home”—Something great is already achieved if one is feeling comfortable and safe in having such a place—it could be a country, a city, or even a person—that is more about making one’s soul soar, than having specific structure.

Understanding that “Need” and “Want” are two very different things—Fundamentally, success is about enjoying financial stability, and having one’s basic needs fulfilled. Success comes in a great way when a person identifies critical needs and knows when he/she can do without it.

Believing one “Can Do”—A person does great if he/she has planned goals and personally believes in being able to achieve them. Natural belief in oneself isn’t universal, yet success is all about believing “I can”.

You still need to work on your confidence—whether or not others believe you can or not! One must not compare with another to know or prove what one can do, or accept what one cannot.

Complementing Work with Passion—Achievements are empty and a person contracts undue stress of there is no passion in the work one does. What excites a person must become his/her job.

It’s great if you have duties, obligations, roles, and responsibilities you’re happy with and love performing. But then, even if not, hobbies and volunteer work you’re passionate about can help balance strict formalities.

Taking Care of Personal Needs—If one endeavors to have any meaning impact on the world around oneself, it is essential to ensure all possible measures of self-care primarily. One must own one’s virtues and morals before assisting another.

Learning to Say “NO” Sometimes—A balanced life is a successful life—and saying “NO” is an essential part of maintaining that balance. It doesn’t mean being selfish while saying “NO”—at any given time, one must give attention to one’s priorities.

Appreciating the Abundance in Life—A person is experiencing success if he/she is feeling grateful to all that life has given, and continues to, by recognizing that life is a paradise of family, friends, love, and health.

Giving away instead of hoarding—helping another succeed is the only way to success. Creating a world we all want to live in requires giving instead of keeping… others wanting to help you sets the environment.

Winning a war involves losing a few battles—victory brings twice the joy, but failure brings twice the experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Choosing one’s battles is as important, if not more, as choosing one’s allies. Success lies in knowing which battles will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Celebrating those small victories—appreciate the efforts you put into having achieved even the smallest objective leading to the ultimate goal. Overcoming obstacles and achieving the goal mustn’t go uncelebrated.

Loving and being loved back—a life of fulfillment and an endeavor of great success involves the courage to love others and accept their love, by overcoming the fear that opening your heart to others brings.

Letting not a disability to hold you back—success is never defined by a person’s disabilities, but only how he/she compensates with will of body and mind. Not being able to do everything doesn’t mean one can’t do something—true success is in always pushing oneself to do what one’s body and mind allows.

Accepting responsibility and accountability—you, and only you, control your destiny. It is one’s thoughts that define one’s life. Only those who take ownership for their actions and its consequences are successful.

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