Community Speak is an initiative of Yokibu to bring together all stakeholders involved in child development and provide them a space to share their experience, knowledge and ideas.

We understand that different stakeholders play different roles in a child’s life; for example, parents, teachers, doctors, and counselors are all part of a child’s life but provide different types and levels of support to a child. We recognize this difference and considering the different style and type of content from them, we have provided different space for each type of stakeholder.

Parent Speak & School News

While Parents can share their experience, ideas on Parent Speak section, schools and staff of schools can publish their content such as information on Annual Day Celebrations, School Children participation in a social event etc, under School News section.

Articles by Experts

We also encourage experts such as Doctors, Child and Parent Counselors, individuals and institutions and NGOs engaged in Education, Child Development and Parenting related activities to use our Articles section to reach all the stakeholders and share their experience and valuable information with them.

Young Achievers

Recognition and rewards are a good way to encourage children to learn and perform well in their life. We also have a Young achiever section where parents and schools can show case the achievements of their children.


We all know that Internet is treasure trove of information but the challenge is to find out the most relevant information on the topic of our interest. Our editorial team has embarked on an endeavor to bring you all the resources available out there on education, child development and parenting with a synopsis on the content each resource offers to make it easy for you to reach the most relevant sources for your needs.

It is built for YOU

Future of our children does not depend on just one but on all: parents, teachers, and others. So to help our children in their development we encourage all of you to make the best use of Community Speak by sharing and exchanging your ideas, experience and valuable information.

So if you have something to share, please send us an email to support@yokibu.com with the subject lineĀ  “Community Speak”. Please include your full name, email address and phone number. You may include limited number of photos also.

Note: Content you send us must be of value to the Yokibu Parent Community and should not contain material promoting commercial interests. Yokibu reserves the right to publish and edit the content to ensure they do not violate our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.