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Yokibu helps over a million teachers, students and parents from 650+ schools connect, share, collaborate and discover the joy of learning together.
Be part of your child's learning process
  • Know what happens in your child's class.
  • Engage with class teachers and other parents.
  • Find activities and classes for your child.
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  • Help students learn even off the classroom.
  • Engage parents in the learning experience.
  • Send homework and notes, anywhere and anytime.
Discover the joy of learning
  • Connect with your classmates and teachers even off the classroom.
  • Access study materials and classwork online.
  • Discover the joy of learning together.
Testimoninals - FANSpeak
It is a pleasure being a part of an educationally informative portal that covers diverse aspect. Besides providing an avenue for parent-teacher communication, Yokibu also encourages articles, school news, important links and book review.  
S.AYYAPPAN NAIR, Sr.Principal, BGS National Public School, Bangalore
Yokibu has been providing SMS/Email services for the school since 2008. Subsequently, from 2010, Yokibu has developed software to enable the school to provide a comprehensive online report card as per CBSE norms. They have always been very prompt in resolving any issue as well as in incorporating changes that the CBSE periodically makes.   
Principal, Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Chennai
Our parents are also satisfied with the uninterrupted messages & notifications with realtime updates thru Yokibu. We positively look forward to adapt more of such features, which will enable us to manage the connectivity not only with our parents, but also within our group institutions.
Usha Raina, Trustee, Goenka & Associates Educational Trust, Mumbai
We are pleased to share that Vishwajyot High School, Kharghar - Navi Mumbai, has been using Yokibu for more than a year. Our institution is satisfied to avail the services offered, which are always handy and enable us to have a seamless connectivity with all parents of our students.  
Principal, Vishwajyot High School, Navi Mumbai
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